Dispatch 1: From the Land of Mead

Every So Often, Frank, Joe, Praveen or one of our associates, will send a note from the Frontier of Mead.  

Golden Coast Mead and its allies are exploring a new world.  A world of freedom, of close connection with nature, of abundance, of rediscovering history, of creating something of quality and of creating connection with others.

We are exploring the Land of Mead.  

There are fascinating things to share in this new Land of Mead, and we hope you can share in the rediscovery of a magical place in a modern time.

Dear Family,

This Land of Mead is a bursting baboon-land of ecstasy!

Baboon land... Don't know why I called it that. Sounds silly. Except that it is wild, messy, beautiful, maybe even a bit dangerous if not respected properly... sort of like the baboon.

And, it is full of ecstasy. Bursting in fact. 

From the flavors here that rip your tasting senses from their monotonous slumber, to the aromas that intoxicate on first waft!  From the up-welling of inner vibrations that erupt like goosebumps in your esophagus to the mind burning conversations the natives and fellow travelers in the frontier lands inspire... there is more sincere, honest goodness here than can ever be captured by ink and electron.

It must be tasted for oneself. It has the power to change the world.

We are on the frontier of The Land of Mead! As we begin to put the trappings on our base camp, we have decided it is time to start capturing some of our thoughts and observations as we sojourn out.  The Frontier of Mead is full of opportunity, unique challenges, and ineffable beauty. 

As we explore it, we will share our thoughts on everything from the history of this place and it's transcendent beverage, to how that beverage is best enjoyed.  

Sometimes we may report on how the Mead is best produced or on the (mis)adventures we have as a matter of our work. Sometimes we may even share about the political movements afoot.  

We hear there are efforts to rescue the Land of Mead from the profane, shortsighted forces of destruction that threaten its very existence.  

We hear there are movements to end the crushing oppression of those who would seek to stifle it's God-Endowed-Amazingness with excessive, irrational regulation, taxation and other diabolical, life-squashing machinations.

As we share our thoughts, we can't wait to receive your correspondence in return.  What have your explorations on the Frontier of Mead uncovered?  Do your findings differ from ours? Does the ecstasy you find here shine as bright as the light in your soul?

Who knows?  It is a whole world to explore and we cannot wait to document and share our observations with all of you and hear about yours as well.

That's all for now. The duties of camp call.  We'll send more word soon. In the mean time, drink mead.


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Excellent prose relating the fine line between baboonish chaos and bursting ecstasy. I’ve, thankfully, been enjoying the latter in my adventures with all things mead. Looking forward to your next fine creations with baboon-like impatience.

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