Why We Love Making Mead More Than Anything (And What We've Been Up To)

September is here.  Our 3 year anniversary approaches.  We have 600 gallons of mead in our own tanks. We are selling mead all over San Diego, and we are excited about our work every day.

We want to fill the world with the magic of quality mead.  In the short term, that means growing  our capacity to share good mead with the So Cal region, and we need your help! What follows is a bit of why we’re doing what we do, how your help has gotten us to the point to do it on a regional scale, where we’ve been and where we plan to go from here.  

Sharing the Magic of Quality Mead at the SD Intl Beer Fest

It all starts with mead and its magic.

We want to share the magic of its quality; how each glass of mead is the essence of 200,000 flowers, a gift from our ecosystem, the honey bee, the bee keeper and the magic of fermentation. It is the representation of the link between nature, food and humanity, distilled down to a beautiful libation.

Part of sharing the magic of mead is sharing its history. This includes sharing how mead existed across the world and in the sacred traditions of the ancient peoples of India, China, of Scandinavia, and England. It is a story so rich and diverse that whole epics have been written about the quest for mead and the beauty it represents.

We want to share the way that mead brings people together in celebration of the beauty of life.  We want other people to see how mead is this incredible substance that fills our cup when it is overflowing with abundance. Its beauty is a awesome thing we get to participate in every day and we know it can enrich nearly everyone’s life if we share it sincerely and responsibly.

That may sound a bit ambitious, maybe even quixotic.  But we’re into that sort of thing.  We hope you are too.  If you’re not into that sort of thing at first blush, that’s okay.  Instead we hope that after you have a glass or two of our mead, you’ll consider being into that sort of thing, and after sharing a bottle or two with your friends, you’ll really be into that sort of thing.

This vision of a world filled with the rich magic of quality mead is our passion and we want to share the reality of it with all of you. 

This vision drives us to do all of the entrepreneurial things we do every day, and none of it would be possible without the support of all of the people who have helped us so far.  From the very beginning our wives and families have believed in us.  In 2010 we were lucky enough to find the Broomell family (of Triple B Ranches and Vesper Vineyards) who shared their capacity, their bond, and their expertise with us.  In 2012 we received the support of 172 Kickstarter Backers who gave us the means to produce on a sustainable scale.  Recently our advisors and Slow Money lenders have connected us with the resources we have needed and we are grateful for it every day.

After almost three years of growing this business of ours we are now fermenting mead in our own fully licensed facility.  We have two 300 gallon fermentation tanks and floor drains approved by the city of Oceanside.  We have a warehouse rack full of the supplies and equipment needed to make mead, we have a deep sink and the beginnings of a QA lab.  We would love to have a jacketed brite tank, a couple more fermentation vessels and the ability to hire our first employee.

If you’re interested in helping us secure those things, this is the vehicle: http://slowmoneysocal.org/a-closer-look-at-royalty-financing/.Contact FrankGolbeck@goldencoastmead.com if you’re interested in learning more about this.

We have expanded our distribution from our first 5 stores in 2011, to over 50 locations throughout San Diego County, including all San Diego Whole Foods Markets with more on the way in OC and LA. We are in talks with distributors who want to join us in educating the whole Southern California region about the magic of quality mead and sharing it with them.

Available in 50+ locations throughout San Diego

We have a new product line that is delicious, refreshing and fascinating, the perfect gateway to enjoying the world of great mead with good friends.  We can rely on a stable and trustworthy source for the honey needed to scale this line up and meet the demand of the Southern California market for a while to come.  

We are stoked to be going the right direction.  Over the weeks and months to come we’ll be finishing up our first batches made in our own facility. We will be doing promotional keg nights at eateries and bars that focus on community and quality products here in SD county.  Finally, we hope to host a grand opening where we can celebrate this stage which we are so lucky to enjoy.   We want to share the excitement and joy of it with you and toast the beauty of life with a glass of Golden Coast Mead, held above the heads of all our friends and family who have helped us get here.

When we do we’ll open our tasting room for tours and tastings by appointment.  We’ll expand into Orange County and Los Angeles.  After that, we’ll see.  For now, we’ve got good mead to make and share.

Cheers and gratitude,

Frank, Joe and Prav


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glad to see a shout out to the bees. it’s all for the queen.

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