What is Mead?


Mead has existed throughout the ages, throughout the great cultures of the world. The Ethiopian Kings drank it, Beowulf drank it. Aristotle, Arjuna, Shakespeare... they all drank it. And so did your great-great-great-great-fore mommas and papas.

So, what exactly is mead? And how do you get it? Well, mead is an adult beverage, made from honey and water. It connects us to our human history, our place, each other, and it's delicious. You could brew it from home if you wanted to. But to make it well, to make it delicious, to unlock its mirthful potential, you just have to really love making it.

We really, really love making it, and it shows. Golden Coast Mead's Mirth in a Bottle is a delicious, balanced, semi-sweet orange blossom honey mead. With an intriguing and balanced character combining citrus, ambrosia, flowers, honey, and vanilla, you'll want to share it with your friends. Our goal is to provide you this delicious and exciting alternative to beer, wine, and cider.

If you have not tried mead before, we recommend that you try ours first.